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ICM SMT 360™ Multi-GNSS Timing Module

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  • Multi-Constellation
  • Simultaneous GPS / GLONASS or GPS / Beidou tracking
  • Ideal for populated urban and indoor environments with limited sky-view
  • Holdover:
    • ±7us over 5 minute period (min. 1 hour learning)
    • 100ppb over 24 hours
  • PPS, PP2S and 10MHz output (custom frequencies available)
  • Extended temperature range (-40°C / +85°C)

Miniature Multi-GNSS Timing Module with Super-Sized Features

Ideal for Low Signal Environment
Trimble® designed the ICM SMT 360™ Timing Module to work in the most demanding weak signal environments, including femtocells and in-building systems.

With its robust performance in low signal environments, users can save on expensive cabling and externally mounted antennas. In addition, the ICM SMT 360™ timing module accepts aiding data for environments requiring the highest levels of enhanced sensitivity.

PPS and Frequency Outputs
The ICM SMT 360™ timing module outputs a precise1 pulse-per-second (1PPS) and 10 MHz frequency to maximize your network performance and synchronize systems at a global level.

Custom frequencies are also available for volume sale.

Standard Timing Features
The ICM SMT 360™ timing module includes many of Trimble’s standard timing features, including Time-Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitoring (T-RAIM) algorithm, automatic self-survey, and GNSS disciplining of the oscillator to provide an accurate frequency reference

Carrier Board and Starter Kit Options
The ICM SMT 360™ timing module can be loaded directly onto the customer’s application board.

The Starter Kit provides everything you need to evaluate the ICM SMT 360™ timing module, including the ICM SMT 360™ on a carrier board, AC/DC power converter, antenna and USB interface cable.

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User Guide for the Trimble Timing SMT 360

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T&F_ICM 360_DS

Data Sheet for the Trimble ICM 360

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Trimble Studio Application User Guide

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Trimble Visual Timing Studio Application

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