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Bullet III GPS Antenna
Jam-Resistant Active GPS Antenna
Produit Trimble


Bullet III
Whatever the environment— wet, cold, sunny, hot, harsh RF jamming—Trimble’s Bullet™ III GPS antenna can take it, year after year. Designed primarily for stationary applications, the Bullet III antenna provides a perfect solution for manufacturers who need a fixed-site, rooftop GPS antenna. This antenna is also a high-quality solution for adding GPS RF signals to marine GPS navigation systems.

Put it anywhere
The antenna is housed in completely waterproof packaging designed to withstand exposure to shock, excessive vibration, extreme temperatures, rain, snow and sunlight. The enclosure is a textured off-white color and is both weatherproof and waterproof.
The dome is all plastic, and the threaded socket in the base of the antenna is corrosion resistant. The threaded socket accepts either a 1"-14" straight thread (typical marine antenna mount) or a 3/4" pipe thread.
The F-type or TNC antenna connector is located inside the threaded socket, which allows the antenna cable to be routed inside the pole and protects the cable connection for added reliability.

Strong performance
The Bullet III antenna is an active GPS antenna with 35-dB preamp and dual bandpass filters. The high-gain preamp allows the Bullet III to be used with up to 75 feet of RG-59 cable. The bandpass filters improve immunity to other RF signals for reliable performance in hostile RF jamming environments.

Proven reliability
For over 15 years, Trimble has been producing GPS antennas renowned for their survivability in tough environments. The Bullet III is the fourth generation of the proven Bullet antenna family (more than 40,000 delivered) and offers all the reliability
and performance benefits that this exceptional field experience provides.
In unforgiving environments, an antenna failure could be disastrous. Don’t risk it. Select a proven, stress-tested, GPS antenna—the Trimble Bullet III GPS antenna.

Bullet III Technical Data

Environmental Specifications:
Operating Temp: –40° C to +85° C
Storage Temp: –40° C to +100° C
Vibration: 10–200 Hz Log sweep
3g (Sweep time 30 minutes)
3 axes
Shock: 50 g vertical, 30 g all axes
Humidity: Mil-STD-810E
Corrosion: 5% Salt spray
Waterproof: Immersion to 1 meter
Physical Characteristics:
Dimensions: 3.05” D x 2.61” H (77.5 mm x 66.2mm)
Weight: 6.0 oz (170 grams)
Enclosure: Off-white plastic
Connector: F-type or TNC
Mounting: 1”-14 thread or 3/4” pipe thread
Technical/Performance Specifications:
Prime power: +5 Volts DC (±10%)
Power consumption: 30 mA maximum
Output impedance: 50 Ohms
Frequency: 1575.42 MHz ± 1.023 MHz
Polarization: Right-hand circular polarization (RHCP)
VSWR: 2.0 maximum
Axial ratio: 90°: 4.0 dB maximum; 10°: 6 dB maximum
Gain: 35 dB ± 3 dB
Noise: 3.3 dB maximum (25°C ±5°C)
Pass-band width: 50 MHz
Out of Band rejection: fo=1575.42 MHz
fo ±20 MHz: 7 dB min
fo ±30 MHz: 12 dB min
fo ±50 MHz: 20 dB min
fo ±100 MHz: 30 dB min
Azimuth coverage: 360° (omni-directional)
Elevation coverage: 0° to 90° elevation (hemispherical)
Specifications above also apply to he new 3.3Vdc Bullet III except as noted below:
Gain: 30 dBi @ 25° c
Prime power: 3.3Vdc (±10%)
Power Consumption: <20 mA
Connection: TNC only
Recommended Cable: - RG-6 with TNC to TNC connectors. 75ft maximum length
- TNC-SMA adapter
- 5.1" Adapter cable H.FL to SMA Bulkhead connector available for the Lassen SQ or iQ

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