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Memory Stick

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  • Approximately 50% the size, but has all the features and performance of a fully-sized MMCPlus
  • Perfect for the next generation of cell phones and mobile devices
  • Up to 100,000 erase cycles per block
  • High-speed transfer rates
  • Low power consumption
  • Operating shock rating of 1,000 Gs, equivalent to a 5-foot drop
  • Compatible with almost all digital music players, digital camcorders, handheld PCs, mobile phones, and other devices that feature a MultiMediaCard slot, via use of the RS-MMC Adapter


Transcend's MMCmobile card conforms to the new MMC4.0 specification, allows for a large data bus width and dual voltage capability. Transcend's MMCmobile card is ideal for mobile phones and other portable devices where space is of primary concern and extended battery life is essential.

Sip Technology

Transcend uses professional technology known as "System in Package"(SiP) to create the micro size of the RS-MMC. In addition, Transcend MMCmobile is using SLC (Single-Level-Cell) NAND Flash chips, which have a higher write speed, utilize less power and have superior durability in comparison to MLC (Multi-Level-Cell) chips. Transcend's Reduced-Sized MultiMediaCard is the best choice to meet your needs of today and the technological demands of tomorrow.

Specification :
Size 24mm x 18mm x 1.4mm
Pins 13-Pins
Op. Voltage 1.8V and 3.3V Dual Voltage
Op. Temperature -25°C (-13°F) to 85°C (185°F)
Transfer Bandwidth x1, x4 and x8 bus widths
Durability 10,000 insertion/removal cycles
Weight 1.0g

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