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ADU800 Produit Trimble


Dual board solution for :
Ashtech has raised the bar on GNSS attitude determination and real-time positioning with the ADU800, a 6D positioning system providing position + orientation for those who don’t need to simply position a point, but want to position a platform!

The ADU800 is built on the strength of its predecessors, the Ashtech 3DF, ADU1, ADU2 and ADU5 and delivers unsurpassed accuracy in a rugged, full-function system. ADU800 provides precise heading, pitch and roll along with three-dimensional position up to centimeter-level of accuracy and velocities at a rate of up to 20 Hz for static and dynamic platforms, making it an ideal solution for a wide variety of airborne, marine and terrestrial applications.

Advanced Features
The ADU800 from Ashtech is a three antenna GNSS system employing “on-the-fly” integer ambiguity resolution techniques using carrier phase measurements from the three on board GNSS receivers to provide instantaneous 3D attitude information. Attitude angular accuracies depend on the spatial separation between the three antennas and ADU800 can typically provide accuracies of 0.1 degree for heading and 0.2 degree for pitch and roll, using a 2 meter antenna separation.

The auto-calibration feature of the antenna setup, while supporting quite arbitrary installation geometry depending on platform limitations, remove the need of external calibration tools or complex / difficult installations.

In addition to the 3D attitude, the main GNSS board of the ADU800 is providing a 3D position up to centimeter-level accuracy in RTK mode when appropriate corrections feed the receiver. The ADU800 can be readily used in GNSS applications such as gyrocompass calibration, open-pit mining, dredge positioning, seismic exploration and oceanographic research, airborne videography and remote sensing, as well as many other terrestrial, marine and airborne weapons and antenna pointing applications.

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