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HDS800 Produit Trimble


Flexible, Rugged, High-Performance GNSS RTK+Heading System
The HDS800 is a powerful positioning solution that delivers state-of-the-art RTK + Heading measurements in a rugged, highly integrated receiver design. Embedded Z-Blade GNSS centric technology uses all available GNSS signals equally, without any constellation preference, to deliver fast and stable RTK + Heading solutions.

With over 25 years of field-proven Ashtech GNSS technologies, the HDS800 is made to withstand harsh environments and give you maximum flexibility in the field. Z-Blade long-range RTK capability, leading GNSS Heading algorithms and UHF expertise allow you to increase productivity.

  • Rugged design for demanding work environments
  • Fast initialization and centimeter accuracy at long-range
  • Hot-Standby RTK feature automatically selects the best available position
  • Dependable Heading + Pitch/Roll measurements with baseline auto-calibration
  • Advanced multi-path mitigation and robust signal tracking for maximum data reliability
  • Unique Z-Blade technology for outstanding GNSS performance in harsh environments
  • Unique built-in communication features, including 3.5G modem and Pacific Crest ADL Foundation TRx

The HDS800 is the ideal tool for many types of applications. Bathymetry, dredging or coastal works are some of the Marine applications, while guidance/control requiring RTK + Heading measurements are appropriate for Machine Control. The HDS800 boosts levels of performance ahead of the most sophisticated equipment available today. Thanks to its unique design, it can also easily be carried from site to site.

High-End Performance
The HDS800 embeds Ashtech Z-Blade Technology, a new GNSS centric signal processing technology that optimally processes all of the available satellite signals, maximizing your ability to obtain reliable GNSS Position and Heading in the widest variety of conditions. Z-Blade allows you to get and/or maintain RTK + Heading solutions even if GPS coverage is insufficient.

The innovative design integrates all the communication components (GSM/GPRS and/or UHF radios) offering an all-in-one robust solution to the user. The weatherproof, high-impact-resistant molded aluminum housing, the floating power input, the earth terminal and the optical isolation from internal circuitry of all available signals, ensures your investment is safe in all conditions.

The HDS800 offers a unique design which includes a unique set of built-in communication features, internal and removable battery which acts as an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) for a power source outage, internal memory expandable through USB key, UHF and GPS aerial kits with low-loss cables, and rugged mounting parts for easy and powerful installation on-board ships or various machines.

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