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Produit Dataman

S4 4Mbit RAM upgrade

4Mbit (512K bytes) RAM upgrade for S4 1MBit (128K bytes)
S4 Emulation Cable

Replacement emulation cable for the S4
S4 Battery Pack

Replacement battery pack for the S4 containing 7 AA fast charge cells
S4 Lithium Battery

Replacement lithium battery for the S4
S4 Serial Cable

Serial cable for connecting the S4 to a PC
S4 Charger

Replacement mains charger for S4 programmer

S4 Write Lead

Replacement write lead for the S4
S4 Upgrade Library ROM

Upgrade Library ROM for the S4 programmer containing the latest device support

S4 usb

USB serial adaptor (requires S4 serial cable)
S4 Padded Carry Case

The padded carry case enables you to carry your S4 programmer and accessories around safely and securely. It has a zip-up compartment on the front extra storage and an adjustable shoulder strap. The padded carry case can hold:
  • S4 programmer
  • Charger
  • Manual
  • Emulation Cable
  • Write Lead
  • Libraries
  • 3 programming adaptors

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