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Acutime GG
Multi-GNSS Smart Antenna
Produit Trimble


Acutime GG
Advanced Multi-GNSS Smart Antenna for precise timing and synchronization
The Trimble® Acutime™ Multi-GNSS (GPS, GLONASS) smart antenna is the 3rd generation Acutime product of integrated GNSS technology in a rugged and weatherproof self contained unit. The Acutime GG is an integrated pipe thread-mounted multi-GNSS receiver, antenna and power supply solution in a single environmentally sealed easy to install enclosure.
Demonstrated Performance
The Acutime Multi-GNSS smart antenna design continues the Trimble line of GPS smart antennas, which have been in production since 1991. This multi-GNSS smart antenna is optimized for precise timing and network synchronization needs, including broadband wireless applications. It provides a costeffective and independent timing source (within the firewall) for any application, such as fault detection systems and synchronization of wireless networks.
Power Efficiency
The ACutime GG Multi-GNSS smart antenna requires less than 1 Watt to operate. Once power is applied, the Acutime GG smart antenna automatically tracks satellites and surveys its position to within meters. It then switches to overdetermined time mode and generates a pulseper- second (PPS) output synchronized to UTC within 15 nanoseconds (one sigma), outputting a time tag for each pulse. The Acutime GG smart antenna’s T-RAIM (Time-Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitor) algorithm ensures PPS integrity.
Designed for long-term reliability, the Acutime GG smart antenna is corrosion-resistant and weatherproof, and has a rounded top that facilitates run-off from the elements.

Physical Interface
The RS-422 interface is ideal for long cable runs required by buildings or towers. Standard cables are available in lengths up to 400 feet. Custom lengths up to 1800 feet may be ordered.

Getting started
The Acutime GG Starter Kit makes it easy to evaluate the exceptional performance of this multi-GNSS smart antenna and integrate state-of-theart technology into your system. The Starter Kit includes the Acutime GG smart antenna (RS-422), a 100' interface cable, user guide, RS-422 to USB converter, and a Microsoft® Windows® software tool for monitoring and communication.

Acutime GG Technical Data

Physical Characteristics :
Dimensions: 3.74" D, 2.85" H (95mm x 72.5mm)
Weight: 5.4 oz (154 g)
Connector: 12-pin round, waterproof
Mounting: 1"-14 straight thread or 3/4" pipe thread
Mechanical drawing:
Performance Specifications :
General: Commercial GNSS Signal continuous tracking receiver, static overdetermined clock mode (default)
Update Rate: 1Hz
Accuracy: Horizontal Position :
  • <6 meters (50%)
  • <9 meters (90%)

Altitude Position :

  • <11 meters (50%)
  • <18 meters (90%)


  • 0.06 m/s
Time to First Fix
(no stored position):
<46 seconds (50%)
<50 seconds (90%)
Time to First PPS: <14 seconds (50%) (stationary with stored position, e.g., recovery after power outage)
<18 seconds (90%) (stationary with stored position, e.g., recovery after power outage)
Re-acquisition: <2 seconds (90%) (after 60 second signal loss)
Dynamics: Velocity: 500 m/sec maximum
Acceleration: 4g (39.2 m/sec² )
Jerk: 20 m/sec³
PPS output Physical Interface: RS-422
Width: 10 microseconds (default). User-programmable from 10 microseconds to 500 milliseconds.
On-Time Edge: Rising edge on-time (default). User-programmable rising or falling.
Resolution: <32 nanoseconds (quantization error reported through TSIP)
Accuracy (one sigma):
  • UTC ±15 nanoseconds (static)
  • UTC ±90 nanoseconds (dynamic, TDOP <3
Minimum Pulse Width: 10 microsecond, rising edge on-time
Reporting Mechanism: TSIP Packet
Electrical Specifications :
Prime power: +5 VDC* to +36 VDC, reverse polarity protection
Power consumption: 50mA @ 12 volts, 0.6 watts (typical), <1watts max
* reduced cable length @ +5VDC to +12VDC
Serial Protocols :

Port Interface Protocols Defaults
TxB(primary) RS-422 TSIP, NMEA TSIP @ 115.2k, 8-odd-1
RxB(primary) RS-422 TSIPTSIP @ 115.2k, 8-odd-1
TxA(secondary) RS-422 TSIPTSIP @ 115.2k, 8-odd-1
RxA(secondary) RS-422    
  All ports support baud rates of 4800–115200; 8 data bits; even, odd, no parity
Environmental Specifications:
Operating temp: –40 to +85° C
Storage temp: –55 to +105° C
Vibration: 0.008 g²/Hz - 5 Hz to 20 Hz
0.05 g²/Hz - 20 Hz to 100 Hz
–3dB/octave - 100 Hz to 900 Hz
Operating Humidity: 95% RH, non-condensing @ 60° C
EMC: CE, FCC Class B
Ingress Protection IP67

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