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Thunderbolt E
GPS Disciplined Clock
Produit Trimble

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Thunderbolt E GPS Disciplined Clock
Precise GPS Clock for wireless infrastructure
The.Trimble® Thunderbolt® E GPS Disciplined’s latest offering for GPS synchronization devices targeting the wireless infrastructure. This fifth-generation GPS clock combines a 12-channel GPS receiver, control circuitry, and a highquality ovenized oscillator on a single board, providing increased integrity and reliability at a lower size and cost.

The Thunderbolt E's level of integration makes it a perfect solution for precise timing applications in the wireless industry. Among its uses are synchronizing the E911 positioning infrastructure and maximizing bandwidth for wireless local loop.

The architecture is comparable to systems currently used to maintain the tough CDMA holdover specification. This makes the Thunderbolt E GPS clock a natural for CDMA clock, the digital standard for cellular phones.

The Thunderbolt E GPS clock outputs a 10 MHz reference signal and a 1 PPS signal with an over-determined solution synchronized to GPS or UTC time. The 10 MHz reference accomodates applications requiring sub-microsecond timing.

The Trimble T-RAIM (Time-Receiver Autonomous Integrity Monitor) algorithm is used to monitor satellites to ensure signal integrity.

Matching the Thunderbolt E GPS Clock with the Trimble Bullet antenna creates a system that provides reliable performance in hostile R/F environments. The system can be easily calibrated for different cable lengths.

The high level of integration and volume production techniques make the Thunderbolt E GPS Disciplined Clock an extremly cost-competitive timing solution for volume synchronization applications.

Thunderbolt E - Technical Data

Performance Specifications :
General: L1 (1575.42 MHz) Frequency, C/A Code (SPS), 12-channel, continuous tracking receiver
Update rate: 1 HZ
PPS accuracy: UTC 15 nanoseconds (one sigma)
10 MHz accuracy 1.16 x 10 -¹² (one day average)
:10 MHz stability See graph below
Harmonic level -40 dBc/Hz max
Spurious -70 dBc/Hz
Phase noise
10 Hz-120 dBc/Hz
100 Hz-135 dBc/Hz
1 kHz-135 dBc/Hz
10 kHz-145 dBc/Hz
100 kHz -145 dBc/Hz
Typical Performance
Interface Specifications :
Prime power +24V and return using DC to DC power supply (19V to 34V)
Mechanical connection uses a two-pin locking connector.
  • BNC connector TTL levels into 50 ohm, 10 microseconds-wide pulse with the leading edge synchronized to UTC within 15 nanoseconds (one sigma) in static, time only mode.
  • The rising time is <20 nanoseconds and the pulse shape is affected by the distributed capacitance of the interface cable/circuit.
10 MHz BNC connector. Waveform is sinusoidal 7 dBm ±2 into 50 ohm
Serial interface RS-232 through a DB-9 connector
RF antenna connector BNC
Serial protocol Trimble Standard Interface Protocol (TSIP) binary protocol @ 9600, 8-None-1
Physical Charcteristics
Power consumption: 15 watts cold; 10 watts steady state
Dimensions 5" L x 4" W x 2" H (127mm x 102mm x 40mm)
Mounting Six mounting holes for #6-32 screws. Max. depth 3/8"
Weight 0.628 lbs (0.285 kg)
Environmental Specifications :
Operating Temperature: 0° C to +60° C
Storage Temperature: -40° C to +85° C
Operating Humidity: 95% (non-condensing)

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