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Thunderbolt PTP GMC / GM200

PTP Grandmaster designed for small cell, 4G and LTE-A deployments

More details

  • IEEE-1588 PTP Grandmaster Clock
    • Multiple PTP Profiles (G.8265.1, G.8275.1, G.8275.2, Telecom-2008 Profile, Enterprise Profile, Power Profile, Broadcast Profile SMPTE)
  • Multi-Constellation (GPS, GLONASS, Beidou & Galileo)
  • 15ns (1-sigma) time accuracy relative to GNSS reference
  • Holdover of ±1.5us over 4hours (constant temperature and when locked to GPS for 7 days)
  • Inputs: GNSS, 1588-PTP and SyncE
  • Outputs: 1588-PTP, NTP, SyncE, PPS, and 10MHz
  • Dedicated management port (1xRJ45)
  • Network Management: SNMP, Web UI, CLI
  • VLAN support
  • IPv4 and IPv6

Thunderbolt GMC GM200 Grandmaster Clock
The Trimble Thunderbolt® PTP Grandmaster Clock is designed for wireless networks requiring phase synchronization. The GM200 provides continuous availability of UTC traceable time for phase synchronization, a must for LTEAdvanced networks and services.

The Thunderbolt PTP GM200 employs industry leading Trimble GNSS solution & holdover technology.

The PTP GM200 can tolerate harsh environmental conditions supporting both indoors & outdoors deployments with extended operating temperature range.

Small cell phase synchronization
The Thunderbolt PTP GM200 is designed with small cells in mind but also it meets Marco base station requirements for synchronization.

The Thunderbolt PTP GM200 supports small cells networks that require phase synchronization. The most efficient way to implement phase synchronization for LTE & LTE-A services is to deploy the grandmaster clock close to target eNodeBs to ensure 1.5 us of phase alignment.

By reducing network hops between the grandmaster and LTE base stations, the risk of network re-configuration and load variance on IEEE-1588 signal quality is reduced. The Trimble GM200 suits this strategy perfectly due to its small size, low cost, superior accuracy & reliability and flexibility of deployment options.

Ideal for LTE-A services
CoMP, eICIC, eMBMS and Carrier Aggregation services require that synchronization networks be requalified and redesigned to support phase synchronization. Noncompliance with phase sync specifications will result in low or no service from LTE-A equipment and degraded bandwidth leading to potential service outages.

By engineering current networks to support phase synchronization, LTE-A services downtime can be mitigated. Phase synchronization can easily be supported by current sync networks with the GM200 by adding it where needed. Given its low cost, it can be added to any network requiring support for the stringent phase synchronization specifications that LTE-A services require performing at their optimal levels.

High reliability assures that the GM200 can be deployed in edge and/or aggregation networks.



Data Sheet for the Thunderbolt GMC GM200

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User Guide for the Trimble Thunderbolt PTP GM200 GrandMaster Clock

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