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The OmniSTAR services deliver reliable, accurate GNSS positions that help our customers reduce cost and increase productivity.

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OmniSTAR is easy to use
With convenient delivery, global coverage, reliable systems and 24-hour support, OmniSTAR makes it easy for you to get the accuracy you need any time day or night.

OmniSTAR expands your scope
OmniSTAR provides multiple accuracy solutions with seamless worldwide coverage for use anywhere - even in regions without an established network of geographical references.

OmniSTAR lowers your cost
With OmniSTAR, base stations, radios and radio licenses become a thing of the past, there is no on-going maintenance either.

OmniSTAR increases your productivity
Not being bound to ground-based infrastructure lets you execute jobs easily and quickly, especially when working over longer distances.

With 24/7 availability, OmniSTAR provides immediate access to reliable results.

OmniSTAR offers convenience and accessibility
The OmniSTAR service can be accessed worldwide and is compatible with a large number of GNSS receivers.

OmniSTAR provides the appropriate solution
OmniSTAR provides multiple options for accuracy that suit a large variety of applications across many industries.

OmniSTAR means peace of mind
OmniSTAR can only be successful if you are. We are here to help you succeed with your ventures, whatever and wherever they may be.

OmniSTAR Correction Services


OmniSTAR HP service is the most accurate solution available in the OmniSTAR portfolio of correction solutions. It is a L1/L2 solution requiring a dual frequency receiver. OmniSTAR HP corrections are modeled on a worldwide network of reference sites using carrier phase measurement to maximize accuracy. The expected 2-sigma (95%) accuracy of OmniSTAR HP is 10cm. It is particularly useful for Agricultural Machine guidance and many surveying tasks. It operates in real time and without the need for local Base Stations or telemetry links. OmniSTAR HP is a true advance in the use of GPS for on-the-go precise positioning.


OmniSTAR G2 represents the most recent advancement in OmniSTAR subscription service offerings. It is a worldwide dual frequency high-accuracy solution which uses Orbit and Clock correction data. OmniSTAR G2 includes GLONASS satellites and GLONASS correction data in the solution. The addition of GLONASS to the solution significantly increases the number of satellites available which is useful when faced with conditions that limit satellite visibility, such as terrain, vegetation or buildings. OmniSTAR G2 service provides short-term accuracy of 1-2 inches and long term repeatability of better than 10 centimerers, 95%CEP. It is especially suited for operations in areas where trees or buildings may block the view of the sky and in areas affected by scintillation during times of high sunspot activity.


OmniSTAR XP is a worldwide dual frequency high accuracy solution. It is a L1/L2 solution requiring a dual frequency receiver. Orbit and Clock correction data is used together with atmospheric corrections derived from the dual frequency data. By utilizing carrier phase measurement, very high accuracy can be achieved. OmniSTAR XP service provides short term accuracy of 1-2 inches and long term repeatability of better than 10 centimeters, 95%CEP. It is especially suited for Agricultural automatic steering systems. While it is slightly less accurate than OmniSTAR HP, it is available worldwide and its accuracy is a significant improvement over regional Differential Systems such as WAAS.OmniSTAR VBS


OmniSTAR VBS is the foundational "sub-meter" level of service. It is an L1 only, code phase pseudo-range solution. Pseudo-range correction data from OmniSTAR’s regional reference sites is broadcast via satellite link to the user receiver. These data are used, together with atmospheric modeling and knowledge of the receiver’s location, to generate an internal RTCM SC104 correction specific to that location. This correction is then applied to the real time solution. A typical 24-hour sample of OmniSTAR VBS will show a 2-sigma (95%) of significantly less than 1 meter horizontal position error and the 3-sigma (99%) horizontal error will be close to 1 meter.