An Attenuator is a device that reduces the amplitude or power of a signal without appreciablydistorting its waveform. It is a passive device that could be considered the opposite of anamplifier. While an amplifier provides gain, an attenuator provides loss. Fixed attenuatorsdissipate power and improve impedance matching. In measuring signals, attenuators are usedto lower the amplitude of the signal by a specified amount. A GPS attenuator on a coaxial cablecan be used to reduce the GPS signal level before it is used to test equipment. All GPS Source attenuators are capable of passing DC bias voltage through the device or blocking the DC path,without affecting the GPS signal.

A Combiner is a device that will take the input signal from two GPS antennas and combine the signal to one receiving GPS unit. GPS Source combiners will pass DC bias voltage through thedevice to power both antennas.

A Filter is a device designed to filter out unwanted signals. It can be designed to pass only the L1 GPS Frequency or just the L5 GPS Frequency. A good filter features high out of bandrejection, including excellent side band rejection.The standard configuration for non-powered Attenuators/Combiners/Filters is to pass DC onthe input(s) and the output(s).

The standard configuration for powered Attenuators/Combiners/Filters is to pass DC on the input(s) and block DC on the output(s). Special configurations are available and must be specified.

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