A GPS repeater is a device that relays GPS signals to any indoor location. The repeaterreceives satellite signals via an antenna located outside the building and conveys the signalindoors.GPS Source offers standard GPS Repeater Assemblies that are designed to work right off theshelf. For larger or more complex projects, we can help you design a custom system that issafe and dependable.When you need to bring the GNSS signal indoors wirelessly, GPS Source designs andmanufactures robust repeater assemblies that include the repeater and mounting bracket.Repeaters can be purchased to pass L1, L1/L2, L5, GLONASS, Galileo, and Omnistar.Repeaters are only available to approved/licensed entities.1. Federal Government or agencies operating under the direction of the Federal Government2. Parties that have received an STA or Experimental License under part 5 of the FCC rules3. Parties operating in an anechoic chamber4. International Customers (outside the U.S.)

GPS Source Hangar kits are complete systems that are shipped ready to installl for immediateuse.They allow uninterrupted GPS coverage within a hangar, sunshade, motor pool garage, etc.Efficiencies are immediately recognized, as accessibility to work on the GPS navigationbecomes more convenient. Garage doors can remain shut (lowering utility costs) as they are nolonger required to be open for a GPS signal to be received inside.

Hoods from GPS Source are similar to mini anechoic chambers. They fully contain the GNSSsignal and allow safe testing of GPS devices to occur under the hood. When you need a testchamber (anechoic) that fully contains the GNSS signal, GPS Source repeater hoods are anoptimal, low cost solution.NO FCC LICENSING REQUIRED. Device is designed to contain GPS Signal within the hoodenclosure.

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