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GPS/GNSS enclosures for Timing & Positioning

NAELCOM has designed a complete low-cost configurable platform with a large choice of, GPS/GNSS receivers (TRIMBLE Copernicus II™, Buffalo™, Resolution SMT 360™, Condor C1919C™, Navis NV08-CSM) ports configuration (RS232, RS422 or USB type mini-B), multi 1PPS outputs (TTL, LV-TTL, RS232, USB on CTS or RS422 levels).

More details

  • Ultra-high sensitivity of -160dBm (-190dBw), enabling high performance acquisition and tracking in urban canyon and signal obscured environments
  • SBAS support (WAAS, EGNOS), for improved Horizontal and Altitude accuracy.
  • Cold Start Time to First Fix (TTFF) is quicker than 38s.
  • Low power consumption: 49mA @ 3.3V, with Power-Good LED.
  • The 2 ports that can be configured to suit the customer’s requirements such as: input and output protocols and transmission speed rate.
  • Configuration parameters backed-up to an EEPROM.
  • Pin to pin compatible with Trimble Lassen iQ GPS receiver; same form factor for easy integration.
  • Communication port outlet in 3.3V TTL level
  • Protection against open and/or short circuit on the antenna.
  • Accurate pps (pulse per second signal), better than 60ns.
  • Self-Survey for static applications

Based on latest GPS receivers generation (sensitivity @ -160dBm), the NLC-CRN platform fulfills many customers’ applications. Thanks to its robust power supply (9-60Volts AEC-Q100 Automotive grade 1 qualified, powering is also possible directly through DB9 connectors), GPS RF signal through a FAKRA Blue connector, Industrial extended temperature qualified (-40°C; +85°C without Super Cap) the NLC-CRN Series is ideally suited for Embedded/Navigation applications.
NLC-CRN can be declined also in TIMING versions with dedicated features as T-RAIM and Self-Survey, 1PPS (15ns accuracy) through rear SMA connector.
If you are looking for a very accurate 1PPS to synchronize your systems, NLC-CRN Series corresponds to your needs, mechanically ready to use in an anodized enclosure, flanges for a robust fixing are supplied on request.
Email us for your target configuration and we will provide the right NLC-CRN version to meet your needs.
NLC-CRN Series is simply the best choice for your industrial application.


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