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Trimble BD992 is a L1, L2 and L5 GPS, Glonass, Galileo and Beidou Capable for Autonomous, DGNSS and RTK Applications with heading

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  • Trimble Maxwell 7 Technology
  • Dual-antenna inputs for precise heading calculation
  • 336 Channels for multi-constellation GNSS support
  • Trimble RTX and OmniSTAR Support
  • Compact design for mobile applications
  • Flexible RS232, USB and Ethernet interfacing
  • Centimeter-level position accuracy
  • Advanced RF Spectrum Monitoring

The Trimble® BD992 GNSS system is a single board solution for precise position and heading. Single antenna GNSS systems have
difficulty determining where the antenna is positioned relative to the vehicle and object of interest, especially when dynamics are low. External sensors can be used to augment this however these tend to drift when static. Heading derived from dual-antenna GNSS measurements overcomes these issues and is now economically the right choice.

The Trimble BD992 supports triple frequency for the GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou and Galileo constellations. As the number of satellites in the constellations grows the BD992 is ready to take advantage of the additional signals. This delivers the quickest and most reliable RTK initializations for centimeter positioning. With the latest Trimble Maxwell™ 7 Technology, the BD992 provides:

  • 336 Tracking Channels
  • Trimble Everest Plus multipath mitigation
  • Advanced RF Spectrum Monitoring and Analysis
  • Proven low-elevation tracking technology

With the option of utilizing OmniSTAR or RTX services, the BD992 delivers varying levels of performance down to centimeter-level without the use of a base station.

The Trimble BD992 integrates the latest in precision inertial sensors in a compact package. With the BD992 you are buying a robust
navigation solution, not just a GNSS receiver.

Key features include:

  • High update rate position and heading solutions
  • Robust Moving Baseline RTK for precision landing on moving platforms

The Trimble BD992 was designed for easy integration and rugged dependability. Customers benefit from the Ethernet connectivity available on the board, allowing high speed data transfer and configuration via standard web browsers. USB, CAN and RS-232 are also supported. Just like other Trimble embedded technologies, easy to use software commands simplify integration and reduce development times.

Different configurations of the module are available. These include everything from a DGPS L1 unit all the way to a four constellation triple frequency RTK unit. All features are password upgradeable, allowing functionality to be upgraded as your requirements change.


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