Lassen™ SKII form factor

Lassen™ SKII form factor OEM board based on TRIMBLE Copernicus II                                                     

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More details

  • Ultra-high sensitivity of -160dBm (-190dBw), enabling high performance acquisition and tracking in urban canyon and signal obscured environments
  • SBAS support (WAAS, EGNOS), for improved Horizontal and Altitude accuracy.
  • Cold Start Time to First Fix (TTFF) is quicker than 38s.
  • Low power consumption: 54mA @ 5V, with Power-Good LED.
  • The 2 ports that can be configured to suit the customer’s requirements such as: input and output protocols and transmission speed rate.
  • Configuration parameters backed-up to an EEPROM.
  • Pin to pin compatible with Trimble Lassen™ SKII GPS receiver; same form factor for easy integration.
  • Communication port outlet in 5V TTL level
  • Protection against open and/or short circuit on the antenna.
  • Accurate pps (pulse per second signal), better than 60ns.
  • Self-Survey for static applications

The NLC-SKII-CP2-V2.0 has been developped to replace famous TRIMBLE Lassen SKII after EOL, based on Copernicus OEM receiver, fully compatible mechanically, power and TTL signal level.

Designed for use in embedded and industrial applications requiring high accuracy on both positionning and Timing.

NLC-SKII-CP2-V2.0 is ideal candidate for your applications when an OEM module is not mandatory. Use of daugther boards trully simplify integration, those can be replaced easily when GPS/GNSS module shoud be replaced for any reason (WNRO, updgrade to new GNSS constellation, Firmware upgarde required...), you do not need to re-design full printed circuit board.

SKII family board is also available with different embedded GPS/GNSS receivers, depending what are your needs : Timing, positionning, DR.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any new requirement or features.


Trimble GPS Studio Application

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Lassen™ SKII form factorNLC-SKII-CP2-V2.0