1-to-16/32-Way rack mount GNSS signal splitter

More details

  • Standard 19’’ Rack Mount (1U/2U)
  • Full GNSS coverage: GPS/GLONASS L1/L2/L5, Galileo, Beidou
  • RF Input or RF Over Fiber Input (selectable per switch)
  • -48VDC or 100-240VAC power supply available
  • Antenna OUT provides RF DC Block signal
  • 4 Led, Power, Antenna, 3D-Fix and Fiber status
  • Short circuit detection/protection (Antenna IN)
  • Fiber input is an option

NLR-SPL16/32 rack mount splitter is dedicated for GNSS signal distribution, when several GNSS signals outputs are required in a same place. Typically, NLR-SPL Series can be powered in -48VDC or 100-240VAC.

Antenna IN delivers 5VDC to power external active antenna and short circuit detection is available through a led display on front panel. Fiber input (SC/APC connector), selectable per switch, is a good option for long cable runs; NLR-SPL32-FO embeds a Fiber/GNSS RF signal converter/receiver. A GPS over Fiber converter/transmitter is required close to roof antenna. This solution is the best choice for in-building signal distribution when fiber is already installed.

Each output is DC block and equipped with 200Ω load to simulate antenna current draw.
Lot of telecom applications require GPS/GNSS signals for synchronization, our rack mounted distribution solution can be installed easily in a cabinet (-48DVC power input available).

A GNSS receiver is embedded providing to users a 3D-Fix information through Led.
Rear USB type-A connection available for monitoring GNSS status (Satellites, constellations, U-Center free software is required).

Note: Fiber input is an option; all racks have Fiber connector but are not equipped inside with RF over Fiber converter. Part number NLR-SPLxx must have “FO” extension e.g.NLR-SPL16FO (with FO) NLR-SPL16 (w/o FO). When FO is not installed Antenna/Fiber switch must be positioned “Antenna” to have antenna RF link.


Datasheet of the NAELCOM NLR SPL16/32 GNSS signal Splitter

Download (391.3k)
16-way GNSS Signal Splitter (Rack 1U) w/o fiberNLR-SPL16
16-way GNSS Signal Splitter (Rack 1U) with fiberNLR-SPL16FO
32-way GNSS Signal Splitter (Rack 2U) w/o fiberNLR-SPL32
32-way GNSS Signal Splitter (Rack 2U) with fiberNLR-SPL32FO